Congrats, you! You’ve written a book! A big old bloody book! It’s an achievement you should be proud of.

A manuscript assessment is going to be your second set of eyes, both creatively and professionally. It is going to tell you if you’re on the right track, what the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses are, and how ‘publishable’ it is. Often the first people we show our manuscripts to are our loved ones or best friends, and while their feedback can be heartening and lovely, it’s not always objective. A professional manuscript assessment will give you the nitty gritty of how to polish your book and set it on the path to publication.


What is it?

  • A big picture appraisal of your work in the form of a structural report. Your manuscript will not be edited or marked-up; instead, a manuscript assessment provides you an overview of what is or is not working, the commercial viability of the work or recommended audience, what is sparkling with originality and hook bait for bookworms, and what needs a bit of spit and polish (figurative only, I assure you, all saliva will stay in my mouth). A manuscript assessment suggests (with examples) what areas could be worked on and how this could be approached. For fiction, this might include discussion of structure, plot and themes, or of character, point-of-view, voice, dialogue, setting. A non-fiction assessment might look at structure, tone, clarity and research. You will also receive advice about publication pathways.

  • Short fiction and novellas are also applicable for assessment – bring ‘em in!

  • Your manuscript can be an early draft or at the pointy end of completion. However, our recommendation is not to victoriously type ‘The End’ and then immediately send your manuscript off for assessment. Always review and self-edit your work as much as you can. After you have done this, your manuscript is ready for assessment.

  • Encouraging, personable and constructive – you won’t get a report telling you that you stink! A manuscript assessment will simply point out what’s working and what isn’t, and help you polish up your manuscript to be the best it can be.


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