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Every project is vastly different, so the time required for editing varies greatly. Keep in mind that – for the same text – a copyedit or structural edit is going to take much longer than, say, a proofread.


I currently charge $50 an hour for any editing service.


I can offer a sample edit of your work or project. This allows you to see if my editing style suits your needs. It also helps me gain a greater understanding of what I’m working with, so I can then formulate an approach to your work and work out a detailed quote. A sample attracts a small fee, but this can be deducted from the total if we proceed with the edit.


Even if you do not require a sample edit, it is still best practice for me to know as much as possible about your project before I provide a quote. When you submit a quote enquiry, you will be sent a form asking various questions, including:

·         word count

·         genre or category of writing plus a brief description

·         what type of editing service you had in mind

·         what your goals are and what feedback would be most helpful

·         any deadlines

·         budget restrictions

·         sample text


Please have this information at hand. I will use this information to formulate an accurate quote.





Most interactions will be made over email and phone, but in special circumstances I am able to meet with you. Meetings would take place in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne.


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